Quality Boarding For Your Horse

Brookfield Farms Equestrian Center offers a full line of services for horse boarding and enjoying your horse. We guarantee your horse will have a wonderful stay at our state-of-the-art horse boarding and riding facility. All horses are given the utmost in care!

We pride ourselves in the detailed and individual attention that each horse at Brookfield receives. Our team of dedicated staff and horsemen work to ensure that every aspect of your horse’s care is looked after to the best of our ability. We offer a variety of services that can supplement your horse’s program and needs beyond that outlined in basic care board.

Boarding Service Features:

  • State-of-the-art horse stables and riding facility
  • Daily turnout with boots and blankets as needed
  • Eight large turnout areas with over 20 acres total of clover/timothy pastures
  • Feed, water, daily stall clean out
  • Barn manager conducts nightly stall checks. A 24 hour security service with video surveillance will give our boarders peace of mind
  • Body clipping, braiding, grooming, video taping, etc. at additional cost
  • New York State Certification
  • Boarding space limited to 30 horses

About Our Stall Barn

Our stall barn is of the finest quality and safest design for your horse. The stall barn connects to the indoor arena, eliminating the need to go outdoors in inclement weather. All stalls are 12’ x 12’ featuring Nelson automatic waterers to guarantee your horse never is without fresh water. A wash stall and a vet/blacksmith stall are provided for your convenience. Superior ventilation is designed into the barn with functional cupolas and a 14’ aisle way open at both ends. Each stall has a 4′ x 3′ sliding window to provide additional light and ventilation. A 24-hour alarm service along with video surveillance provide security for your horse and peace of mind for you. See our Facility page for more information.

Additional Features

  • Separate hay barn for storage eliminates fire hazard and dust caused by normal hay storage
  • Key-code locking tack rooms
  • Large parking area for boarders and guests
  • All fencing is white PVC for the ultimate in appearance and safety
  • On site staff housing
  • New seven-horse trailer for private hire

Now Offering Overnight Layovers

Brookfield now offers a complete overnight layover service for your horse including box stalls, bedding and stall cleaning.

Overnight service only $55 per night.

Basic Care Board Includes:

  • First cut hay fed three times daily
  • Grain and supplements fed AM and PM
  • Nelson automatic waterers cleaned daily
  • Use of tack rooms and facilities

Show Board Includes:

Includes everything mentioned in basic care plus:

  • Laundry service
  • Daily night pick
  • Single turn-out
  • Second cut hay fed three times daily
  • Premium grain
  • Extra bedding
  • Additional turnout equipment and blanket changes

Grooming Services

Body Clipping:

  • Muzzle $5
  • Ears& Muzzle $20
  • Legs $45
  • Body Clip $125 – $175 (price varies with size of horse)
  • Trace Clip $60


  • Tacking and un-tacking $25 (includes full grooming, bathing/ leg washing if needed and tack cleaning)
  • Mane pulling $30
  • Show Ready Package: Mane Pull, Muzzle, Ears & Legs clipped $75
  • Lesson Package: Tacking up and un-tacking for five rides $90

Boarding Pricing

Contact us for rates and more information on boarding.