Meet Our Staff

Tina Robinson

Tina Robinson is Brookfield Equestrian Center’s resident Head Trainer and Professional Rider. Riding competitively since the age of five, Tina has gained invaluable experience training with some of North America’s top show jumping professionals including; George Morris, Stacia Madden, Melanie Smith-Taylor and Kent Farrington. As a junior, Tina spent almost every weekend competing on the “AA” circuit earning many wins in the ASPCA Maclay, USEF Medal and USET Show Jumping Talent Search classes. These wins placed her in a top percentage of North America’s junior riders, qualifying for all the major equitation finals for three consecutive years. Tina finished 12th and 14th out of 90+ competitors at the USET Show Jumping Talent Search Finals in 2012 and 2013.

Becoming a professional at the age of nineteen, Tina has focused on acquiring knowledge in all aspects of the sport and helping her students become well-rounded and confident horsemen. Tina believes that an inquisitive mind and varied skill set is the key to achieving excellence in horsemanship. Studying Dressage and Biomechanics extensively, Tina has been able to work with top professionals such as Carol Lavell and Mary Wanless. Tina has also studied natural horsemanship and incorporates the work of John Lyons and Buck Brannaman into the training of her horses at all levels. Most recently, Tina had the opportunity to spend three months at the Winter Equestrian Festival competing in the Open 1.40m jumper division working with her trainer and gold medal Olympian, Leslie Burr-Howard.

Tina has coached riders of all ages and levels to championships at some of the most prestigious competitions on the East Coast. While Tina’s personal goals are in Grand Prix Show Jumping, her solid and correct foundation in the equitation ring has set her up for success coaching and riding in Hunters, Jumpers, Equitation and Dressage. In the show ring, Tina is incredibly focused, competitive and driven. On the ground, Tina is passionate about sharing her experience with riders who have a love for horses and a thirst for knowledge about the sport. Tina prides herself on teaching in a constructive and positive manner with a compassion and understanding for each horse and rider’s specific needs and preferences.

Kelsey Mest

Kelsey has been riding horses since she was 5 years old. She rode with the same trainer for 18 years, showing at local and “A” rated shows in divisions ranging from the Baby Greens to the Amateur Owners. She has a passion for the hunter ring. Since moving to WNY, Kelsey has dabbled in many different aspects of the equine industry. She has experience coaching a collegiate (IHSA) team, high school/middle school (IEA) teams, as well as students ranging in ability from beginner to advanced. She strives to teach her students with compassion, and with the knowledge that will help them reach and surpass all of their goals.

Cassandra Booth

Cassandra Booth, (Cassie) is not just an accomplished riding instructor, but also a knowledgeable and experienced professional with over 30 years in the equestrian industry. She has a deep understanding of the unique needs and abilities of each rider, regardless of their level of experience.

Cassie’s teaching approach is personal and attentive, as she takes the time to connect with her students on an individual level. She prioritizes building a strong foundation of horsemanship skills, emphasizing safety, effective communication, and partnership between horse and rider.

Throughout her career, Cassie has had the privilege of riding alongside numerous accomplished trainers, but one of the most influential figures in her journey was Walter Zettl (1929-2018.) As an Olympic level coach, Dressage Hall of Fame inductee, and renowned Dressage Master, Zettl left a lasting impact on Cassie. He instilled in her a passion for lifelong learning and teaching.

In 2008, Cassie achieved her PATH certification (Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship), previously known as NARHA. This certification enabled her to work as a therapeutic riding instructor. Simultaneously, she managed an elite equestrian facility, gaining valuable experience in the equestrian industry.

Cassie’s teaching style focuses on building a strong foundation of horsemanship skills. Safety, effective communication, and partnership between horse and rider are at the core of her instruction. She pays particular attention to each rider’s biomechanics, working diligently to improve their seat, alignment, and posture. By doing so, she helps riders communicate better with their horses and achieve their goals.

As a dedicated riding instructor, the most rewarding experience for her is to witness the growth and development of her riders as they overcome challenges, build confidence, and reach new milestones in their riding journey. Cassie takes pride in being a part of their success and finds fulfillment in knowing that she has played a role in helping them accomplish their goals.

Cassie is a dedicated instructor who is passionate about helping her students succeed and develop a strong bond with their horses. She is committed to fostering a lifelong equestrian passion and goes above and beyond to support her students in reaching their full potential and achieving their goals. Cassie’s dedication and commitment are evident in her unwavering support and guidance for her students.